October 22, 2018

AC Aquarium celebrates Doctor Seuss' birthday

ATLANTIC CITY — It’s Doctor Seuss’ birthday, and the Atlantic City Aquarium added a unique twist to their celebration Saturday.

The aquarium presented an underwater book-reading.

Families listened along as a diver, with the help of some sting rays and other fish, read a special waterproofed Dr. Seuss book in a 25-thousand gallon tank.

“In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday we wanted to do something different for our dive show so we decided to read underwater a Dr. Seuss book. We decided to read “Wish for a Fish,” said diver Michelle Bay.

This is the aquarium’s first year celebrating the author’s birthday,

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Source: http://www.nbc40.net/story/21445798/ac-aquarium-celebrates-doctor-seuss-birthday