Ask the Aquarium: What's This Strange-Looking Crab?

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Ask the Aquarium

The angular shape of arrow crabs is ideal for life in the nooks and crannies of rocks, reefs and ocean rubble.


‘Dolphin Tale’ aquarium struggles despite movie’s success

“Dolphin Tale 2,” starring Winter and Hope, is based on a true Dolphin rescue story that happened at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The Florida aquarium is struggling to build a new facility. (Bob Talbot/Warner Bros. Pictures, Alcon Entertainment via AP)

The family-friendly hit “Dolphin Tale,” whose sequel opened in theaters this month, tells the true story of a dolphin who learns to swim without a tail. The movie ends with Winter, the tailless dolphin, helping save the struggling Florida aquarium that rescued her.

In real life, the story has not yet wrapped


Aquarium another step closer to salvation

The Exploris aquarium is one step closer to being saved after the local authority accepted a massive cash injection, it has been revealed tonight.

A slice of one-off funding worth £914,000 was accepted by Ards Borough Council from the Stormont executive, as well as up to £120,000 in annual revenue funding Portaferry attraction.

The aquarium, Northern Ireland’s only such public amenity, had been earmarked for the axe last year after the council decided it could no longer afford it.

A campaign to save it was launched, prompting Stormont to come up with some rescue funding earlier this year.

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Vancouver Aquarium uses hexacopter drone to monitor whale pods

FREDERICTON – Amid a bizarre vote-counting snafu, rookie politician Brian Gallant led his Liberal party to a majority election victory in New Brunswick, as voters …


'Dolphin Tale 2' introduces new stars at Clearwater, Fla., aquarium

If “Dolphin Tale” piqued your interest in Clearwater, Fla., the sequel may start you packing.

The first  “Dolphin Tale” movie told the story of Winter, a 3-month-old calf whose tail was so badly damaged by a crab trap line that it could not be saved. A prosthetic tail was created to help her glide like a dolphin.

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Dolphin Tale 2,” which opened


Monterey Aquarium's sustainable seafood list gets a delicious update

Black cod, zero guilt

Earlier this month, the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Guide moved a flurry of fish — a stunning 21 West Coast species — to the list of seafood that’s A-OK for sustainability-minded diners and chefs. Environmentalists were thrilled. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, credit for the turnaround goes to fishermen and women and fishery managers — whose commercial fisheries had been declared a federal disaster in 2000 because of overfishing — for successfully “using innovative ways to avoid catching overfished species and protect the marine habitat.”

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Aquarium's Cynthia Vernon named to AZA Ethics Board

Click photo to enlarge

MONTEREY GT;GT; An executive with the Monterey Bay Aquarium has been elected to the Ethics Board of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the organization announced Tuesday.

Cynthia Vernon, vice president of Education and Guest Programs at the Aquarium, will become one of nine members of a board responsible for interpreting and enforcing the Association’s Code of Professional Ethics, which establishes standards of conduct for the zoo and aquarium profession.

The association’s “zoos and aquariums will benefit from Cynthia’s thoughtful leadership and extensive experience,” said Jim


Construction on aquarium to start

Contracts are in place and all that’s needed are building permits to begin construction on OdySea Aquarium, a


Aquarium made on Animal Planet's 'Tanked' installed

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Aquarium celebrating Star-Spangled Spectacular

BALTIMORE – The National Aquarium is offering a lot for you and your family to do during the Star-Spangled Spectacular.

Today the team held a welcome ceremony for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s exploration vessel, The Okeanos Explorer.

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The boat will be docked at National Aquarium’s Pier 4 and open to visitors throughout the week. On Friday, they will host the last Star-Spangled Friday night.

After 5 p.m. on Friday all guests can get in for $18.12. This Friday there is also a special Star-Spangled themed scavenger hunt and animal encounters.

All weekend long outside the aquarium there