October 22, 2018

Budget Cuts Loom Large Over Norwalk Aquarium

NORWALK, Conn. – The future of the Maritime Aquarium is in doubt because it is slated to lose a big chunk of its funding under budget cuts proposed by Gov. Dannel Malloy.

The Maritime Center Authority is slated to lose $65,827 in fiscal year 2012 and $531,525 in fiscal year 2013 under the proposal. Jennifer Herring, president and CEO of the Maritime Aquarium, calls that “very challenging” this year and “devastating” next year. Asked whether the aquarium would be able to stay open next year if the cut went through, Herring said she didn’t know.

State Sen. Bob Duff, D-Norwalk,

Source: http://www.thedailydarien.com/news/budget-cuts-loom-large-over-norwalk-aquarium

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