October 19, 2018

Come out of your shell: Visit aquarium's turtle exhibit

Stitches and Old Green gulped down their leafy lunch with relish.

But Bob was getting her beauty rest and wouldn’t be disturbed.

When you’re 450 pounds, missing a meal isn’t a big deal.

The loggerhead turtle — who was named before her femininity was determined — didn’t stir when Adventure Aquarium curator Nikki Grandinetti tapped a stick on the floating dock in the 760,000 gallon tank, sort of a dinner bell for aquatic life. She slept soundly through the call, resting at the bottom of the pool as hundreds of fish, hammerhead sharks and stingrays swam above her.

Turtles breathe air

Source: http://www.phillyburbs.com/news/local/burlington_county_times_news/come-out-of-your-shell-visit-aquarium-s-turtle-exhibit/article_ddd0c1a0-d59c-5677-a26a-d5aac2e53d93.html