October 23, 2018

If aquarium uses fresh water, it’s OK for plant use

Q: We have just recently set up an aquarium in the house. When it comes time to clean it, can the water be used for our house plants? – A.S., Albuquerque

A: As long as you haven’t set up a salt water aquarium, yes, you can use the fresh water for any type of plant life you want to. Think of it as pre-diluted fish emulsion fertilizer. When I had my aquarium, I’d use the water indoors during the spring and summer months, and then use any dormant months’ collections for the outside creatures. Sometimes the water can smell fishy and

Source: http://www.abqjournal.com/main/2013/04/13/riorancho/if-aquarium-uses-fresh-water-its-ok-for-plant-use.html