October 22, 2018

Maritime Aquarium hosts Pirate Day

All ye lily-liver’d, land-lubbin’ scallywags will want to steer clear of Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk this weekend.

The organization is hosting its second annual Pirate Day on Sunday, with pirate-themed scavenger hunt, pirate toy-boat-making crafts and other activities for sprogs and swashbucklers alike.

“Kids like dressing up like pirates, they like talking like pirates, they like pretending to be pirates,” Dave Sigworth, publicist at Maritime Aquarium, said. “It seemed like a fun thing to do.”

Lads and lasses are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite pirate character, whether it be Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Henry Morgan, Anne Bonney or even Captain Jack Sparrow

Source: http://www.norwalkcitizenonline.com/news/article/Maritime-Aquarium-hosts-Pirate-Day-3859557.php