October 16, 2018

‘Maybe people don’t realize what’s here yet’: Johnny Morris shows off Wonders of Wildlife – Springfield News


The News-Leader will be providing sneak peeks leading up to the grand opening of the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum Aquarium.
Nathan Papes/News-Leader

Thousands of finger-size herring swim in an endless, shimmering whirl —  a three-story-tall aquatic tornado.

Cruising the perimeter, a small blacktip shark suddenly thrashes through the swirling mass, jaws chomping on an unlucky herring.

The ocean drama plays out behind thick, tall viewing windows every day at the new Wonders of

Source: http://www.news-leader.com/story/news/business/2017/09/16/maybe-people-dont-realize-whats-here-yet-johnny-morris-leads-tour-through-his-wonders-wildlife-museu/653087001/