October 23, 2018

Oregon Coast Aquarium loses one of its beloved sea otters

NEWPORT, Ore. – The Oregon Coast Aquarium lost one of its sea otters this week.

Aialik, a 14-year-old northern sea otter, was euthanized on Wednesday. He had a failing urinary tract that had caused him problems for much of his life and his condition had recently worsened.

The aquarium sent the following release about the loss:

The staff of the Oregon Coast Aquarium sadly announce the death of Aialik, a northern sea otter who was “big brother” to the Aquarium’s sea otter family.

Aialik was humanely euthanized Wednesday morning, March 6, at the Aquarium’s veterinary care center because of a failing urinary

Source: http://www.kpic.com/news/local/196063061.html