October 15, 2018

Pokemon not the only game in town: Field Museum creates ‘warrior’ hunt

While many are obsessed with tracking down Pokemon creatures, the Field Museum has created its own treasure hunt.

The museum began giving out clues Wednesday on Twitter about the best spots in Chicago to spy life-size replicas of the real-deal terra cotta statues commissioned by Chinese Emporer Qin Shihuang thousands of years ago. He wanted “warrior” statutes to guard his tomb after he died. The treasure hunt is a promotion for the Field Museum’s special exhibit “China’s First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors,” where some of the original terra cotta figures and two painted replicas are on display.

The first clue to

Source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-field-museum-terracotta-warriors-replica-met-0713-20160713-story.html