October 17, 2018

Sacred Heart, Mystic Aquarium collaborate on crabs

But the American horseshoe crab, the homely, humble distant relative of ancient trilobites, has fallen on hard times. They’re harvested for bait, their blood is collected for medical science, and their numbers are dwindling in places along the Eastern Seaboard, as well as in Asia.

Source: http://feeds.boston.com/c/35022/f/646951/s/2c15f927/l/0L0Sboston0N0Cnews0Clocal0Cconnecticut0C20A130C0A50C180Csacred0Eheart0Emystic0Eaquarium0Ecollaborate0Ecrabs0Cymml9llp0A9VXSQ66o5p83M0Cstory0Bhtml/story01.htm