October 23, 2018

SC Aquarium's Sea Turtle Rescue receives surprise donation

By Mike Wadsworth

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) – A huge financial lift came to the South Carolina Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Rescue program on Thursday at a time when the facility needs it most.

Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook Brickman law firm of Charleston surprised leaders of the sea turtle rescue program with a $10,000 check … delivered underwater.

“We found out about 10 minutes ago. It was really exciting,” said Rescue Manager, Kelly Thorvalson.

“I was under the impression that we were doing a radio interview, so a surprise to be brought in the great tank – to have the divers coming down

Source: http://www.abcnews4.com/story/19979666/sea-turtle-rescue-receives-suprise-donation