Aquarium sets out to help stranded beluga

The Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre says it’s been asked to help rescue a beluga whale calf in the St. Lawrence Estuary in Eastern Canada.

 A press release from the aquarium said the five-feet-long calf is stranded and in critical condition.

 The aquarium’s rescue team, lead by Dr. Martin Haulena, said it is cooperating closely with Dr. Robert Michaud to provide any emergency assistance to the threatened beluga whale calf.

 The Vancouver Aquarium said it is committed to deploying all necessary resources to save the stranded beluga whale calf.

 With immediate response to the stranded cetaceans, a team of professional


Aquarium creates ‘special love nest’ for shy clownfish

At Sea Life London Aquarium, aquarists have created a “special love nest” for a pair of shy clownfish.

While there’s been a recent breeding boom at the aquarium, the clownfish have yet to jump on the baby-making bandwagon.

“It could be several reasons,” aquarist Pete Williams says of their apparent “stage fright.”

“It could be disturbances from the other fish in the display. Just be the general passing of the public as well might discourage the animals from breeding. There’s several different factors,


The Toledo Zoo Recruits Volunteer Divers for the Renovated Aquarium

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Ed Conn as a volunteer aquarium diver.

Toledo, OH (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

Ed Conn had a tunnel vision moment during a volunteer dive, watching two green California moray eels jockey for a spot in the perfect hole, when he looked up and noticed 15 school kids, noses pressed against the glass, watching


Aquarium research institute opens doors to visitors

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MOSS LANDING GT;GT; The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, a private nonprofit, opened its door to the public at its annual open house event Saturday.

“Today is about sharing MBARI’s research and excitement of what we do with the rest of the world,” said Kim Fulton-Bennett, a spokesman for the institute.

The event drew thousands from Santa Cruz County and other parts of the Bay Area to tour the institute and see what it had to offer behind its walls.


Aquarium planned for seaside resort

AquariumTeen Spirit Ltd hopes to open the aquarium by April

A children’s play centre on the Skegness seafront could be turned into an aquarium.

The owner of Panda’s Palace has submitted plans for the attraction, which it says would “give Skegness the place on the map that it deserves”.

East Lindsey District Council has welcomed the proposal, saying it would extend the visitor season for the Lincolnshire resort.

The creation of the aquarium is


Tennessee Aquarium announces first penguin chick of the year

The first penguin chick of 2014

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The Tennessee Aquarium has announced its first penguin chick of 2014.

Aviculturists welcomed the new chick to the colony in June, according to a news release from the aquarium. The parents, “Chaos” and “Merlin,” have stayed busy snuggling their baby in the nest and seem to enjoy showing it off.

“Both parents


Quincy Man Arrested after Swimming in Aquarium Shark Tank

A Quincy man who jumped into a tank containing a shark at the New England Aquarium Thursday afternoon was arrested.

Stephen Pellegrine, 51, jumped into the large center tank around 6:30 p.m., NECN reports. Aquarium staff immediately demanded that he exit the water, but they say he “swam around for several minutes” before complying.

Aquarium fish found near Kings Beach creek

By Heather Segale

Lucas McNamara, 7, was hiking around Griff Creek near Kings Beach Fire Station last week with his family when he saw a black, spiny fish, about 1-foot-long lying dead in the creek. He ran up the creek bed, yelling, “Dad, you need to look at the big crazy fish!”

Lucas’ parents, Steve and Jen McNamara, decided to make this a teachable moment for their son, who already shows active interest in science and the environment.

“I told Lucas that this fish is not normal for Lake Tahoe and may be harmful to the other fish and animals in the lake,”


Aquarium to host Star-Spangled Friday Nights

BALTIMORE – The National Aquarium will celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore and the creation of the Star-Spangled Banner with its Star-Spangled Friday Nights series.

All guests entering the aquarium after 5 p.m. will enjoy a special admission price of $18.12 beginning Friday and continuing every Friday evening through Sept. 12.

Families who visit the aquarium on these nights can participate in a special star-spangled themed scavenger hunt and see the animals.

All activities and exhibits are free with price of admission. Guests may purchase these reduced-rate tickets at the ticket counter or online at The last entry through the


An Abandoned Shopping Mall In Thailand Has Transformed Into A Secret Aquarium

An old shopping mall in Bangkok is now an amazing koi pond. 

Travel writer Jesse Rockwell stumbled on the mall when he was visiting Thailand last year. He wrote about the experience on his travel, food, and photography blog

The seven-story mall was abandoned after a fatal fire in 1999, according to Rockwell. The basement floor became covered in water. 

About a decade ago, someone introduced a small population of fish to the water. Today, the mall has become a “amazingly populated urban aquarium.” 

Rockwell said that the mall