May 24, 2018

Port Authorities Issue RFQ For 20 MW Solar Projects


The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) and the Port Authority Transit Corp. (PATCO) have announced a solar initiative that, once completed, is expected to provide more than 50% of the total electricity consumption for both authorities.

The DRPA is a regional transportation agency that serves as steward of four bridges that cross the Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and PATCO is a rapid transit system running between South Jersey and Philadelphia.

The DRPA has issued a request for qualifications (RFQ) for the design and construction of the solar facilities, which would


Asperger Killed Disabled Kids For The Nazis

All of the intellectual elites who joke they have Asperger’s or are “on the spectrum” as an excuse for behavior they know is simply annoying or weird are now going to bring that to a full stop. It’s going to be a lot cooler to just admit they are annoying or weird.

The reason is because a new analysis in Moleular Autism finds that Hans Asperger, the Austrian pediatrician for whom a mild segment of the autism spectrum is named, collaborated with Nazis and helped kill disabled children.

The Third Reich’s child-euthanasia program was an extreme form of


New Orleans Coupons & Deals

Find great deals on New Orleans hotels, bed breakfasts, tours, restaurants, attractions and more below. 

And for even more savings, you can also download all the coupons from our Official Visitor’s Guide, in one print-friendly PDF:


Starbucks, Country Music Awards, Comey Interview and Bad Phone Apps

Hancock talks about the American Misic Awards, the Comey interview, Starbucks and more.


Buy a roulette table – Denver casino bus – Fast roulette system explained

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Lyft offering a discount on rides during Life is Beautiful – Las Vegas Review

Lyft is offering up to $10 off the cost of rides during Life is Beautiful. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)Lyft is offering up to $10 off the cost of rides during Life is Beautiful. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Lyft is offering up to $5 off the cost of rides during Life is Beautiful, an offer aimed at reducing the number of impaired drivers attending the three-day music festival set for next weekend in downtown Las Vegas.

From 12:01 a.m. Sept. 22 to 8 a.m. Sept. 25, new and existing Lyft users can receive up to


Businesses offer deals for Veterans Day

Businesses are saluting veterans and active-duty military personnel Saturday.

They’re offering freebies and special discounts on Veterans Day to show their appreciation for all those who have sacrificed for their country.

Veterans can enjoy free meals, drinks, treats and even a haircut and car wash.

For some deals, you don’t have to wait until Saturday.

Proof of service such as a military ID is typically required and a few businesses will allow dressing in uniform as a form of identification. Discharge papers, VA cards and veteran organization membership cards also can be used to prove service at most businesses.

The majority of discounts are valid


Veterans Day deals, freebies


Veterans Day 2017 is this Saturday.

Below is a list of deals and freebies participating businesses are offering to the men and women who have served the U.S. Check with your local business to ensure they are participating in the deals. 


Free entree for Veterans from their special Veterans Day menu which includes: American Standard Burger, Butcher’s Meat and Potatoes, Chicken Tenders Platter, Double Crunch Shrimp, Fiesta Lime Chicken, Oriental Grilled Chicken Salad, Oriental Chicken Salad, and Three-Cheese Chicken Cavatappi. Simply show proof of military service, such as


Student discounts 2017: The ultimate guide to discounts across Canada

We all know that a great way to reduce debt is to keep a budget. But another way to save some money and cut expenditures is to take advantage of discounts.

“Many businesses, stores, and restaurants offer a discounted student rate with proof of enrolment (student card, student discount cards/apps, etc.),” notes the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan, “which can turn into big savings for you.”

That’s especially true for some of the biggest retailers across the country. Many outlets offer deep price cuts on everyday items, even if they don’t broadcast them.

READ MORE: Tips for students to avoid long-term